About Us

SAPU Story

Our brand name comes from the Indonesian word ‘sapu’ (broom). A ‘sapu’ is completely sustainable; a bundle of finely cut coconut sticks, bound together with organic materials. A single little stick would be useless; the broom needs hundreds. Every household has one; they are used by young and old, across the archipelago. Visitors to our country often delight in seeing groups of children with one in each of their hands, helping to keep their school clean.

Unsurprisingly, a ‘sapu’ has proven longevity.  It is simple, effective, and with clear purpose. We think it’s a good example.

Founded in 2006 in a garage in Central Java, SAPU is now distributed worldwide. Aside from an unshakable commitment to upcycling, beautiful designs and excellent production standards, the brand is an important part of an environmental movement that embraces the entire community, and is absolutely committed to fair and inclusive business practices.

UPCYCLING, Art, and Lifestyle

SAPU makes exquisite upcycled accessories from reclaimed materials. All items are produced and distributed in ethical and socially responsible ways. SAPU makes products from worn inner tubes/tyres, abandoned oil drums, recycled trash, forgotten objects of everyday use, plastic drink bottles, old magazines, second-hand clothing … anything … that can be turned into something useful and stylish.

SAPU is based in Salatiga, a small town at the foothills of volcanic Mount Merbabu, with the brand office, design and production in a traditional ‘Joglo’ building. We are a collective of makers, designers, friends, sewers, trash collectors, artists, musicians, scientists, farmers and writers from all over Indonesia and Australia. SAPU is the creative division of Komunitas TUK – Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (‘Planting for Life’) – an environmentally concerned community of artists and volunteers. TUK sees art as the medium to spread the word about local environmental change and care, running arts and environmental workshops, a local reforestation program and an environmentally-themed art and music festival. We use creative practice to share knowledge about our local and global environment; growing environmental ideology is as important as planting trees itself.