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Why we do what we do

There are always new designs as there is always new and ever-growing trash.

SAPU collective make products, art and messages from recycled trash, used objects, forgotten everyday items, inner tubes... Anything that can be turned into something useful and stylish.


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At Sapu, we believe the products we make are of the highest quality possible, but don't take our word for it - here's what our customers have to say.

SAPU is without doubt the most interesting, progressive upcycling business in Java.  Super designs, good quality production and a solid team has taken their products worldwide - and the journey starts with abandoned old tyres (in a nation with a massive trash challenge).  Engaging with SAPU feels and looks right.

Sarah Forbes

I bought a wallet from Sapu and I absolutely love it! It’s durable, it can get wet, and it has lots of pockets without being too big. Plus it’s very nice looking, you’d never guess it’s recycled tires :)


The Sapu Upcycle duffle bag is the perfect size. I use it daily for my gym stuff, books and laptop. Strong, stylish with plenty of side pockets.

Graeme Stephen

I've had my Sapu bag for 10 years now and it's still going strong, infact it looks better as over the years it has developed a beautiful sheen from daily use. I was fortunate enough to visit their workshop and meet the Sapu team of dedicated artists and environmentalists. The care and workmanship that goes into each piece from design to finish is outstanding. I was very impressed and bought several items as gifts.

Dianne Collier

I bought my cross body messenger bag years ago and it is still my favourite go to bag. I get so many people commenting on it and I love to tell them that it was made in Central Java from car tyres, the strap bring an old seatbelt. It’s the perfect bag to take with you on a rainy day cause water just runs right off it. It has certainly stood the testament of time as it is still in top condition after many years. The wallets are fantastic too!

Rebecca Pascall

The heart of SapuUpcycle is not just in our products, but in how we give back to the community. Browse some of our projects below to see what we’re doing to foster an ethical, environmentally friendly earth.


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