SAPU has been involved in Environment and Community Arts Projects. SAPU is the creative business division of Komunitas TUK– Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (Planting for Life) is an Indonesian artist collective based in Salatiga, Central Java that raises environmental awareness in the local community via art and

creative practice. TUK runs arts and environmental workshops, creates fantastic recycled products made from trash, runs a reforestation program, an environmental publications program and an annual sustainable art and music festival called Festival Mata Air (2006 – 2010).

We believe that to plant an environmental ideology is as important as planting trees itself. We use art and creative practice as a medium to provide basic information and knowledge about our local and global environment and what we can all do to make changes on a daily basis. Our campaign aims to make people start THINKING! This is where the process of changes begin. 

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SAPU work with a range of clients on custom design projects, often in collaboration with other studios, communities and artists. Examples of design projects include display systems, exhibition design, product design, merchandise design and interior design. We’re definitely happy to make co-branded products or projects for like-minded companies, and perhaps (but not generally), we might find to develop private ideas too.

If you have an idea, get in touch.

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Art as an educational tool has a special place at SAPU, artistic activities such as workshop is the best mediator to share knowledge about sustainable designs as well as the issues caused by over consumerism and waste management. We run up-cycling workshops at schools, university, communities, and government institutions.

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Exhibition is another effective way to share the concept of alternative living and ethical sustainable designs. We have been involved in ethical/ sustainable exhibitions in Indonesia and have also been collaborating in similar exhibitions with our partners in Europe.

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