Upcycle, Art and Lifestyle.

Inspired by their environmentalism, SAPU make exquisite upcycled accessories from reclaimed materials. All of their items are produced and distributed in ethical and socially responsible ways.

SAPU is a collective of makers, designers, friends, sewers, trash collectors, artists, musicians, scientists, farmers and writers from Central Java, Indonesia and Australia. SAPU is the creative division of Komunitas TUK – Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (‘Planting for Life’) – an environmentally concerned community of artists and volunteers established in 2006 and based in Salatiga. TUK sees art as the medium to spread the word about local environmental change and care.

SAPU makes products, art and messages from used inner tubes/ tyres, used oil drums, recycled trash, used objects, forgotten bits of everyday use, plastic drink bottles, old magazines, 2nd, 3rd hand clothing … anything … that can be turned into something useful and stylish.

Working mainly in Salatiga, a town at the foothills of the volcano Mount Merbabu, in a traditional Joglo. The Joglo is where many SAPU makers sleep, make, eat and plan action about environmental care and sustainability as well as design and make the SAPU range.

This site supports Sapu by selling the products  wholesale directly. There are always new designs as there is always new and ever growing trash.

SAPU Philosophy

Our name comes from the Indonesian word ‘sapu’ (broom), used by javanese people to clean up the street, backyards, and parks. A sapu is made from a bundle of coconut sticks tied up together. It is a very effective and strong tool. One single stick cannot be called sapu and does not work as a tool. The same principle is also applied in our philosophy: to start, to develop and to maintain the business by cooperating with each otherTogether we can make difference.


To find out more about how SAPU was formed and its involvement with Komunitas TUK’s projects please visit this following links:

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