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There are always new designs as there is always new and ever growing trash. Sapu collective make products, art and messages from recycled trash, used objects, forgotten bits of everyday use, inner tubes, plastic drink bottles, old magazines, 2nd, 3rd hand clothing … anything … that can be turned into something useful and stylish.

Welcome to SAPU Up-cycle Wholesale Website.

SAPU is a creative art community, based in the Indonesian town of Salatiga, at the foot of the volcano Mt Merbabu, central Java. We comprise a diverse range of talented young: designers, artists, craftsmen and recyclists, most of whom originate from central Java and Australia. We are united by a respect for the natural environment. Manifesting in a desire to make use of the world’s abundant and unwanted manmade materials. Using tyre’s, inner tubes, plastic bottles and magazines, we are not fazed by the mundanity of these everyday materials. Instead we see only the possibility of creating beautiful upcycled jewellery, bags and accessories. We see possibilities in items which the majority of us would consider to be waste.

Our aims are not confined to the creation of beautiful objects. Through our work, we see the chance to inspire people to live a more sustainable way of life and to care for their own environment. We hope to inspire environmental change by changing the attitudes and behaviour of all those who come into contact with a Sapu product.


This site is a wholesale and purchasing site only – not available to the general consumer. Ordering couldn’t be simpler. Contact us to register your interest and we will email you the guides of how to become SAPU member. Once you register with us you will receive our wholesale catalogue. Our catalogue has complete details of all our products including the recommended retail price.